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Web Video Series

"Web Video - it's come a long way, baby...”

My new series of articles on Web Video is beginning - Here are the links (also in the Home menu) 

Web Video Part 1 - Intro

Fast Path PDF Download help - read me!

When you purchase our downloadable PDF book, "Fast Path to..."
You should quickly receive one email from PayPal confirming the purchase,
and three emails from our website, with various details... 
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"Fast Path to Blu-ray for Mac" ON SALE NOW

ebook_cover_FP_200_DS.jpgHOT OFF THE "PRINT" COMMAND...

The first in our series of "Fast Path..." e-books is now available! The cover artwork is done, the ISBN barcode is  installed, and the finished downloadable ZIP file is for sale NOW.  The special reduced price sale is over, and one of those who purchased win a Platinum membership to the website!

So, hurry on over to the online Store, and download it while it's hot!

You can check out the FINAL TABLE OF CONTENTS by clicking the Continue button - see what the book contains! It's a LOT of information, and packed with graphics to show you EXACTLY what and where to click, step-by-step, in each application we cover - Final Cut 7, Compressor 3.5, Toast 10, and Encore CS4.

If you are a Gold or Platinum website member here, you can login and download the book now, free.
(Sorry free site registrants, this offer is only for Gold and Platinum members)



This book is now selling for $14.95. My thanks to the folks who downloaded it for
the special $10.00 price. The book is in our online store for sale as an instant download. Our store uses PayPal to process transactions, but you don't need to be a PayPal member to purchase. Any valid credit card or PayPal account will be fine. If you experience trouble, please email me

One of the first book purchasers will be selected to receive a one-year Platinum Website Membership, FREE, a $299 value! I'll anounce who the winner is on September 21st, here on the website home page.

If you want to download the free preview, please note that the Table of Contents in the sample PDF is a day or two old, and missing a some of the final book contents. Click Continue... and you can see the FINAL T.O.C. as it exists NOW.

I welcome your comments and feedback. Please use the Contact Us form in the Help! menu if you'd like to make a comment about this book,  or make a suggestion for one of the next books - "Fast Path to Blu-ray - Part 2 - PC" or "Fast Path to Digital Online/Mobile Video".
In the Fast Path to Blu-ray for PC volume, we'll cover the most common PC authoring applications, including  
Roxio Creator 2009, Sonic DVDIt Pro HD, SONY DVD Architect, and Netblender Do Studio.
In the Fast Path to Digital Video volume, we'll cover a boatload of contemporary technologies including  
how to create and publish for Phone, iPod, Apple TV, Web Video, YouTube Video, Google Video, Vimeo, and more!
"Fast Path" book now on Amazon

In response to requests that my e-book be made available in printed form, I have arranged with Amazon Create Space to offer the SAME IDENTICAL book as the e-book as a Print-on-Demand hard copy. For only $19.99 (plus shipping), Amazon will print it for you, and deliver it right to your door.

Here's the URL:

If you prefer PDF, you can buy the e-book at store.

Welcome to The Digital

If you haven't visited before, here's a quick guide to what's online (click a title): 


FREE authoring help from "the Digital Guy"!

Digital Guy Help Desk
I understand that some times you just need a nudge to get past a hurdle,
soyYou can "Ask the Digital Guy" for authoring help by email.
Sometimes, I can respond within an hour; sometimes, I'm jammed.
If you need complicated help RIGHT NOW, I'm available for hired consultation.

"Ask the Digital Guy" PRIORITY help services - get your DVD problems solved, faster
Got problems? We can solve them on the phone.
You can schedule a consultation pretty quickly by email;
I've NEVER had an unsatisfied customer!
And I'll pay for the call!

Our EXCLUSIVE "Digital Guy Connection" service

The Digital Guy Connection allows us to operate YOUR Mac
remotely, and author wIth you in real time!
It costs the same as ordinary phone or email consulting,
and is the new "high-tech" way for us to consult.
You can book this service by emailing me, just like a consult call.
  read more about it, or see a demo here in the Help Menu .


Lots of FREE Documents to peruse

BB GUIDE thumb
It's in the "BitBudget spreadsheets" category in DOCS, and
there is a new GUIDEBOOK for its use posted there as well!  
icon_XLS-16.jpg Make a Bit Budget V2.3 (XLS SIT for Mac)   GUIDE-BitBudget.pdf GUIDE-BitBudget.pdf

Downloadable Projects - fully authored!

NEW! Over 50 Downloadable DSP Projects!
when you absolutely, positively HAVE to have something finished today!
These are completely-authored projects, ready to go -
just swap our assets for your own, tweak as needed, build, and burn!
Dozens of files for members to download; visitors can buy & download

SPti01.jpg art_sm_selectclip1.jpg MajorMovieDisc.jpg
Lots of files to download for Basic, Premium and Gold members
• Wedding Menu Images • Assets • Generic FBI Warnings • DVD Projects


Read my 'Digital Guy' Blog!

The Digital Guy's views and news are reflected in my blog;
updates about site features and various DVD- and Blu-ray-related issues also surface here!

DVD and Blu-ray Newsletters!!

logo_tipstricks_07_535 copy.jpg
Our new Tips & Tricks and Blu-ray Newsletters
will keep you on the cutting edge of DVD and VD
authoring as only "the Digital Guy" can do!


DVD and Blu-ray VIDEO Tutorials

We've got new Blu-ray VIDEO Tutorials online, and more coming online as fast as I can create 'em.
Got a suggestion for a tutorial you want to see? Let us know about it
DVD and Blu-ray Written Tutorials (some free, some for paid members)

We've got DVDSP Tutorials online, and more arriving as I can write 'em.
Got a suggestion for a tutorial you want to see? Let us know about it
DVD and Blu-ray Training from "the Digital Guy" himself

Our video training for DVD Studio Pro is under construction.
Who better to train you than the guy who can answer the tough questions?
oh yeah - and even wrote some popular books about it!


New = TDG Pro Club

The DVD Pro Club now has more features, more goodies for Premium Members,
and an additional level of membership, Gold, which gives FREE ACCESS
annually to all of our online projects, programs, files, and training and
a $200 of PREPAID consulting services! This is a $400 value
If the sliders above do not open properly, or exhibit trouble, please send us an email


There's a lot of confusion starting to occur concerning what is AVCHD and what is BD5?
Hopefully, these questions will help you get your Blu-terminology straight!
(a tip of The Digital Guy's hat to loyal reader Richard Llewellyn)

Read the entire FAQ here...

"The Digital Guy" Blu-ray info

New Book!

ebook_cover_FP_fnl_flat_150.pngI am currently putting a lot of work into my new book on Blu-ray Disc - the "Fast Path to Blu-ray" PDF e-book will cover currently available options for creating Blu-ray discs, and dispel mis-information about what can or cannot be done, and how much (or how little) it can cost.  The book includes information on new features in Final Cut Pro Studio 3, as well as Toast 10, Encore CS4. I'll also cover Blu-ray duplication and Replication options, including information on using BluStreak Premaster to convert BDMV folders into replicatable BD CMF folders which most replicators can accept. 

July 28 preso

LongandShort200.jpg By special arrangement, I joined Larry Jordan for one day only, to deliver a special presentation on Blu-ray Authoring for Macintosh and new BD features in FINAL CUT STUDIO 3. As promised, I have uploaded the PDF from that session to the DOCS area, and it's in the folder called "Free downloads that require a login" . If you are already a member (even a free member) and are currently logged in, you can link to it here: TheLongAndShortOfBlu-ray.pdf TheLongAndShortOfBlu-ray.pdf 2009-07-29 00:14:47 6.68 Mb


Toast 10


Toast_10_Pro_72dpi_Lopt.jpgBlu-ray on DVD authoring demoed at FCPUG SuperMeet SFO 

Digital Guy Bruce Nazarian demonstrated a fast and AACS license-free Blu-ray authoring workflow using Roxio Toast 10 Titanium at January's FCPUG SuperMeet in San Francisco. I've begun posting new Toast 10 video tutorials here on the site, showing you how to use Toast 10 to make a Blu-ray Disc on DVD-R.


SFO Video


My SuperMeet presentation was videotaped, and is available online at
Thanks to Ric Young for shooting, editing and posting the presentation. 



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